The fear of a possible terror attack in the country has left many Ghanaians on edge but National Security has assured, there is nothing to worry about.

Director of Counter Terrorism at National Security, COP, George Asiamah, has assured Ghanaians his men and all security agencies are not sleeping or taking the issues for granted.

He said the security agencies will make the country unattractive for terrorist groups who intend to exploit Ghana’s porous borders.

In an interview, he said Ghanaians are in good hands and while they cannot disclose every move their making, the public should trust that a lot of work is being done.

“The security agencies are wide awake, it is not everything that we put in the public domain but Ghana is safe because we are working hard with our international partners,” he added.

Over the past three days, the counter terrorism unit has been meeting with various stakeholders in the Northern part of the country where threat levels are high.

There was an emergency meeting on Friday, June 7, in Accra with religious leaders as part of a nationwide strategy to enable them to detect threats of terror.

In the last two weeks, two men from neighbouring Burkina Faso have been arrested in the country with loaded guns, one on the premises of a Catholic Church while service was ongoing.

COP Asiamah said aside the security measures being taken, a comprehensive programme to sensitise all Ghanaians about terrorism, how to spot threats and what to do when one spots such, are being rolled out.

In any crime fighting venture, the cooperation of the public is essential and the security agencies are putting measures in place to ensure this is done, COP Asiamah stated.

He added “you have to educate the people to know the nature of the threats and to be sensitive and vigilant. If the people are vigilant, then it is one surest way of countering the threats but if people take things for granted then we will be taken unawares.

“We have an action plan and very soon we are going to roll out educational awareness programmes in all regions in the country…we will go to the nook and crannies.”

He is certain that once all avenues that will assist terrorist acts are sealed and the country is made unsuitable for extremists, Ghana will not experience any disturbances.

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