Ghana needs an alternative means to fight FGM-BA Dir

The Bono Ahafo Regional (BAR) Director for the Department of Gender, Mrs Joyce Adii says Ghana as a country needs an alternative means to fight the Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) menace as the embedment of the menace in some tradition in the country has become a hindrance towards its eradication.

She says, although the 1992 constitution of the Ghana criminalizes the practices it will be prudent for stakeholders in the country to find alternative ways of combating the menace which if not checked will underrate the rights of girls in the country.

According to the BAR Director, permanent jobs should be acquired for persons (Wanzams) who perpetrate such act as majority of them depends on it for a living.

Mrs Joyce Adii made this known in an exclusive interview on “Ark Ogya kasebo” yesterday April 8, 2019 in Sunyani.

Her comment comes after Mrs. Gertrude Eunice Maasodong, President of the Ghanaian Association for Women’s Welfare (GAWW), revealed at an advocacy and sensitization programme at Kawukudi in Accra, last week that perpetrators of human right violations, particularly Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), against women and girls, have devised new means of doing their abominable deeds.

Instead of cutting, they rather use hot Shea butter and oil to remove the clitoris of female children.

The Bono Ahafo Regional (BAR) Director for the Department of Gender however called for the collaboration between West Africans Countries to institute what one bold primitive measure to deter perpetrators of the menace.

She explains that this will help curb the cross boarder act revealing that perpetrators of the act cross to neighboring countries to perpetrate the act.

“We should be mindful that Ghana as a country is bounded by boarder countries who also practice such act so the way forward is for West African Countries to come together to fight the menace” Mrs. Adii noted.

By: Ama Konadu|myarkfmonline|

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