Rihanna Finally Addresses Rumours That Her Album Has Been Completed

Rihanna has been teasing her fans about new music for what seems like ages now. And while we eagerly wait for a snippet of her upcoming album to drop, it seems the 30-year-old is just not ready to share her masterpiece yet.

Reports started to flood in that the Rude Boy songstress had finished her ninth album earlier this week, and well let’s just say fans lost it. Taking to Instagram they shared all of the headlines and generated a buzz surrounding Riri’s new material. However, it appears she hasn’t actually finished anything yet, as the popstar herself tried to calm down the hype when replying to one of her fans.

While cheering on claims that the album was finished, someone wrote: ‘I’M ON THE FUCKING FLOOR. LET’S GOOOOO.’ But Rihanna kind of killed the vibe when she told the fan: ‘It ain’t done till it’s done sis.’ We know all good things take time, but come on Rihanna – where is the album? Earlier this week it was rumoured that her album was ‘nearly done’ after The-Dream, who has worked with the superstar since 2007, teased its release. Speaking in an interview, he said: ‘She’s doing something. I actually haven’t talked to her about it – I’ve talked to the team about it because it’s kind of just being coordinated. ‘But she’s doing something.’

Source: MetroUK

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