Sunyani Municipal Assembly  Cautions Residents Against Dumping Refuse In Gutters

The Sunyani Municipal Assembly (SMA) has cautioned residents especially traders to desist from throwing rubbish into gutters.

Speaking on Ark in the morning with Kwabena Obeng Akrofi, the Sunyani Municipal Environmental Sanitation Officer in charge of slaughter house, Mr. Muntaka Mohammed said choked gutters always cause flooding and warned residents from dumping refuse in gutters.

The SMA on Friday, 11 January 2019, embarked on an exercise to clean all gutters in the municipality.

The joint exercise with Zoomlion Ghana Limited was aimed at ridding the city of filth.

During the exercise fire tenders were used to pump water to flush out rubbish from all choked gutters.

Mr. Muntaka Mohammed said the current sanitation condition has made it necessary to educate the general public and called on the media to help in the education because he believes they (media) have great influence on the public.

He said “keeping the city clean is a shared responsibility for us to help redeem the image as the cleanest city in Ghana some years ago”.

He said the exercise will be continued every fortnight.

“Soon the Assembly will apply its laws firmly without fear or favour to those who will go contrary to it”, he added.

He urged the media to dedicate airtime to sanitation education.


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