Women Warned  Against Excessive Use Of Emergency Contraceptives

A Senior Midwifery Nurse at the Sunyani Municipal Health Directorate, Madam Millicent Agyemang has cautioned women against the repeated use of emergency contraceptives pills as it could affect their menstrual circle and hamper their future delivery.

Emergency contraception refers to methods of contraception that could be used to prevent pregnancy in the first few days after unprotected sexual intercourse.

In an exclusive interview with Ark News, Madam Millicent Agyemang said contraceptives are not to be taken more than twice in a year but many young women engaged in unprotected sex and repeatedly take them to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

She added that the pills were meant for emergency use only but some young girls have resorted to it as their routine family planning method.

“The emergency pills when used as a regular contraceptive could alter the one’s menstrual cycle and hamper future delivery” she stressed.

She said many women report to hospitals with various complications as a result of the abuse of these emergency contraceptives hence the need for care to be taken.

Madam Millicent advised young women to rather access the many available routine Family Planning methods and report cases of side effects to the health centres instead of resorting to emergency pills.


By:Rosemond Kissiwaa/Ark News/myarkfmonline.com/Ghana

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