Suspend NCD Withdrawal Now Or We Strike – Drivers

Members of the Ghana Committed Drivers Association have issued a one-week ultimatum to the National Insurance Commission (NIC) to withdraw a directive asking all insurance companies to deny third-party motor insurance their No Claim Discount (NCD) or they will strike nationwide.

The NIC explained that it has been forced to issue this directive because of current developments in the industry which has resulted in under-pricing and under-cutting of premiums.

The situation, according to the NIC, was hurting the industry.

But the drivers, in a statement, said if the NIC stops spending huge monies on cars and salaries, it can pay the claims.

Below is the full statement:


Our attention has been drawn to a directive from the national insurance commissioner asking all insurance companies to stop and deny third-party motor insurance policyholders their No Claim Discount (NCD).

We are also made to understand that the reason for this directive is as a result of

1. Poor claims payment.

2. Insurance companies not earning enough premium

3. Undercutting and underpricing.

We wish to state that in June 2015 these were the reasons that the insurance companies gave and therefore decided to increase the premium by 800%.

It is interesting that having increased the premium based on the above reasons, you come back in October 2018 and say you are going to take away what is due us for the same reason.

If all third-party motor insurance policyholders will sit down and allow the insurance commissioner to do as he pleases and they (third party motor insurance policyholders) will not talk about it, we committed drivers association will not allow this to happen. When fuel prices are increasing prices of spare parts are going up because of the dollar and fallen cedis the little discounts we enjoy to cushion ourselves too, the Insurance Commissioner wants to take it away from us; this is totally unacceptable and we will not allow it to happen.

Our advice to the commissioner of insurance is that he should stop his people from buying big cars and paying themselves big third-party salaries and allowances so they can use the money to pay the claims rather than trying to take away our no claim discount.

We wish to state here and now that if by a week from this notice the commissioner has not withdrawn his directive he should prepare for a nationwide strike. 

Charles Danso (Chairman)

News Reporter

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