Must Read:NPP Communications Director’s Open Letter To Prez On Vigilantism

Director of Communications for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the  Asante Akyem Constituency has urged President Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo to disband all political vigilante groups in the country.

In an open letter to the president,Adams Murphy believes that it is the president’s good works that can win him the next elections and not vigilante groups.


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An open letter to my president……


We have come of age as a country to take a conclusive decision on whether to entertain political vigilantism or not. The two major political parties, NPP and NDC are all beneficiaries and victims of vigilantism in one way or the other.

In opposition, both political parties rely mostly on these well built young men as their major source of security and protection against what they always perceive as electoral cheat and unfair conducts by government in power to outsmart their opposition opponents. The results of seeking the services of these vigilante groups is mostly a good news to these two major political parties so they seem to forget about the future implications of this vigilantism on peace and national security.

My President, in both political parties, we have evidence of their vigilante groups who gave them maximum security and protection turning against them when they finally wins elections and form government.

The story of Azorka boys, a known NDC vigilante group in the northern region of Ghana cannot be forgotten, the destructions and mayhem they have caused to the Ghanaian citizens and public properties in Tamale is still fresh in our memories.

Likewise, the NPP’s Delta force in recent times in Kumasi has also done their part in causing fear, panic, destructions and mayhem to lives and public properties in Ashanti and Kumasi to be specific. For some of us with a very tiny heart, we suffer sleepless nights anytime these vigilante groups unleashed their hooligan behaviour on innocent citizens, we feel very ashamed for our political tradition.

Why do the very groups which give these political parties security in opposition turn out to be monsters to them after winning elections and forming government? What is the missing link? It is obvious that the two political parties are not good at managing the very people who through them they secure electoral victory.

Lessons from the above should have by now given us a hint that no government can satisfy members of vigilante groups after elections, if so why must we continue to engage them? Or is it because their troubles have not gotten to the stage of mass deaths and injuries to a huge number of citizens? Are we waiting for that stage before we act as a nation?

As a democratic country, our focus should rather be on strengthening our security services to impartially deal with all electoral related security matters(this should obviously be the responsibility of both government in power and opposition parties),and not to rely on vigilante groups, that can be very dangerous one day!.Party in power must always focus on dealing with the core developmental challenges and social wellbeing of the people that way no need to think of foul means to win elections.

Your Excellency, president Akufo Addo(ADDO SHOW BOY),all your actions since you took over the leadership of this country has proven that indeed, you are the only president who can bring discipline and total security to our dear country, I plead with you in my small capacity to disband all vigilante groups in both our party NPP and that of the NDC.

I know it is not easy to sometimes take some of these political decisions but i also believe there is no vigilante group that can be powerful to give you power in coming elections than the good works you are already doing. I humbly submit that you take this important decision. I know the good people of Ghana who supported you in dealing with this dangerous galamsey menace will give you the fullest of support to handle this issue as well without any political disadvantage,

Ghanaians today are discerning and i know they are ready to support any reasonable actions you take.


Long live Ghana, long live your Excellency!


Your Excellency, this is one of your Sons.



Communications Director,NPP,Asante Akim South Constituency.

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