2019 Suncity Fashion Weekend Gradually Gathering Momentum

Excitement is building for the annual Suncity Fashion Weekend (#SFW) where designers all over Africa will take to the ramp in Sunyani, the heart of Ghana at Eusbett International Conference Center. The show would include Recognition Awards Show, which honor’s and recognizes the top designers and models taking part in the SFW.

Presented by the Platinum Edge as part of its successful events Development Program, the SFW is now in its fourth year of wowing designers, the media, fashion buyers and the public as it brings out the very best in local fashion with top class shows that allow local curative’s to strut their stuff alongside the best in Ghana and the world as a whole.

Although the main event takes place during the aforementioned time frame, there will be a series of events taking place between now and February – all leading up to the grandest fashion weekend the country has ever seen!

Suncity fashion weekend’s primary focus is to provide more retail access for designers to consumers locally and globally, provide platforms for networking and celebrates the African fashion industry in general.

The theme for SFW 2019 is “raising our rich African culture in a cultivated mind through fashion’’ As the theme implies, the aim of this fashion weekend is to celebrate and pay homage to African designers, both new and old.

To discover hidden talents that can put fashion show on the fashion map as well as ensure that when it comes to designs, Sunyani is a top contender, Platinum Edge has invested substantial sums in internships, industry related training programs, networking sessions as well as various lifestyle and modeling programs and boot camps over the years, which the current “crop” of New Faces are now experiencing.These models, which are scouted throughout Ghana and provided with invaluable training, are now able to reach for their dreams.


By: myarkfmonline.com/Ghana

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