Stonebwoy Wants To Find Out Which Bar Shatta Wale Has Raised, Chop bar or Beer bar?

Reggae dancehall artiste Stonebwoy has asked Ghanaians which bar has his rival Shatta Wale set in the Ghanaian music arena.

Many Ghanaians including the SM fans have mentioned that Shatta Wale has set the bars high in the Ghanaian music industry.

Many have made points clear base on his fan base, his wealth and the contracts he has with big labels. But the question is, has Shatta Wale performed on big stages like how Stonebwoy is?

Speaking to King Lagazee on Hitz FM, Stonebwoy asked King Lagazee which bars did Shatta raise after he was asked his opinion on the bars Shatta Wale raised for the Ghanaian music industry.

The presenter draws out that a listener called Nhyiraba Kojo says that“any artistes that charge above 50000 Cedi, he/she has to give the ‘Gringo’ hitmaker a cut because he raised the bar money artiste charge when they play shows”.

Which bar has Shatta Wale raised?Chop bar or Beer bar – Stonebwoy quizzed

Now Stonebwoy hearing this ask the presenter whether Shatta raise a chop bar or beer bar, he also let it out that he charges above 50000 when he plays a show.

“Jesus! which bar did Shatta Wale raise? beer bar or chop bar?”Stonebwoy asked.

The Bhim Nation president also added that Nhyiraba Kojo has the right to say whatever he wants but if he charges above 50000 cedis he can pay a percentage to Shatta Wale, they are behind him.

Watch the interview below:


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