Otiko Would’ve Been Trade Or Finance Minister  – Group

A group of national women organisers has backed Ms. Otiko Djaba for rejecting an ambassadorial appointment and slammed President Akufo-Addo for rewarding the former Gender Minister with a ‘demotion’

President of the group, Janet Nabla, argued that if the President and his Minister for Monitoring and Evaluation did a better job, Ms. Otiko Djaba would have earned a post at a key ministry like finance or trade instead of a demotion.

Nana Akufo-Addo in his first ever ministerial reshuffle reassigned Ms. Otiko Djaba from the Ministry of Gender Social, Children and Protection to head Ghana’s Embassy in Italy.

But she on Tuesday announced her inability to accept the new portfolio, claiming she was retiring from active politics to look after her ex-husband who has been suffering from stroke.

Her decision to reject the post shocked some Ghanaians while others applauded her.

Commenting on the matter on Midday Live Wednesday on TV3, Ms. Nabla who is the Coalition of National Women Organisers “are proud” of the former minister because she “stood up and said she is not going to do it”

She argued Ms.Otiko Djaba proved to be an effective minister at the Gender Ministry where she exhibited “good leadership qualities” and did a great work more than any other minister who has occupied that ministry.

“This woman has worked so hard and doesn’t deserve to be demoted,” Nabla said in an interview with Afua Tieku.

When it was suggested to her that Otiko may have been reassigned based on assessment by the Evaluation and Monitoring Minister, Dr. Anthony Akoto Osei, she responded in the negative.

“If the Monitoring and Evaluation minister did his or her work well, the reshuffling would have given her better position because among all the ministers, she has worked more than any other minister could do in that ministry,” she stated.

She added: “I’m disappointed at the President that hard work is not rewarded. That is what I have seen. He is not rewarding hard work; if he’s rewarding hard work madam Otiko Djaba should be the first person that would have given a ministry like Ministry of Trade or Ministry of Finance”.

Asked why Otiko Djaba did not accept the new post bearing in mind that irrespective of it being a demotion, she will be rendering service to Ghana, Nabla retorted: “It is [her] prerogative to accept it or not”

She averred that the ambassadorial post “is of lower rank”, indicating “truth is that we didn’t want her to accept that position.



source: 3news.com

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