Beasts Of No Nation Star Strika Found Begging On Streets

Emmanuel Nii Adom Quaye, widely known as Strika, who was an actor in Hollywood blockbuster Beasts of No Nation, alongside Abraham Attah, has revealed that he has not set eyes on the $30,000 he was promised for his role in the movie.

Strika was recently found begging for alms on the streets of Accra.

In a video posted by, Strika said: “Beasts of No Nation, I was paid $30,000; that is what they told me. They were saying $30,000 but for me I don’t really know”.

Asked if he saw the money, Strika said: “No”, adding that the money was paid to one Kofi Robert.

He continued: “After the movie, they said I will get one per cent after they have sold the movie. They said that one per cent is in the bank”

“I didn’t see the money but they said the money is in the bank,” he stressed.

According to him, Kofi Robert told him he will receive the money when he turns 18 years.

But Strika said: “I have reached 18 and I told them I want to use the money for something important and they are telling me I’m still a small boy, so, I should wait”.






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