Photos: Is Atta-Mills Becoming Ghana’s Forgotten President?

The Asomdwe Park where the remains of the late president John Evans Atta Mills lies is supposed to be quiet for 364 days.

6th anniversary of late President Mills

There is this teeny, weeny day when it’s expected to be populated.

When his royals from his hometown and loyals in the city shatter the peace with their presence and replace the passive quietness with something more active.

That day, July 24, 2018, came. But….

It came underwhelmingly.

The late president’s spirit could sit on his tombstone and conduct a head count and conclude “is that all?”

6th anniversary of late President Mills

Yes. Adomonline photojournalist pegged the visitors at about 20. His son and family members. His former photographer Felix Azameti was there. The man is a walking photo library of the late president and in his interview with Joy News, the photos condensed into a stifled tear.

Former Kumasi mayor Kojo Bonsu, former Power minister Kwabena Donkor and Totobi Kwakye, a throwback from a bygone Rawlings era making a rare public appearance.

6th anniversary of late President Mills

All the President’s social media accounts were silent on the sixth anniversary of the late Professor Mills. Not that they were quiet on Nelson Mandela’s 100th anniversary.

With the government’s great and frequent memory recitals of uncle JB from his time in the 70s, there was an inexplicable memory failure for Grand Paa Mills.

President Mills got no word from his former boss and former President Rawlings who gave South African legend Nelson Mandela a lecture for all his torture under Apartheid as the world commemorated him.

Understandable absence is a problem Mark Zukerberg solved in 2004 with Facebook and which Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone solved with Twitter in 2006.

And the former President did eventually show up on Facebook. Not to recall his anguish that fateful day but to report the distinguished presence of  Afari Gyan.

It was a selfie with former EC boss.

Close pal Koku Anyidoho, perhaps the most lively torch-bearer of Mills memories, visited the man who gave him his big break in politics.

The NDC – the political chief mourners of the late president were perhaps distracted by an impending internal party elections as the deadline for submission of nomination ended Tuesday.

The jubilant drumming and dancing went on at the party’s Greater Accra regional office, Mills and memories were dead on their deadline day.

The late President did eventually get a shout-out in Parliament where the North Tongu MP Okudzeto Ablakwa whose political career went north under Mills issued a statement.

Journalists at the Asomdwe Park looked around to interview any headline personality. Not many.

6th anniversary of late President Mills

It was the ordinary Ghanaian who walked around, touched the tombstone and took pictures.

It was the people who could never touch him during his life without a stern, dissolving stare of a bodyguard who touched his tombstones liberally.

On the day where one wreath said “we will miss you,” his loyalists were largely missing.

6th anniversary of late President Mills

6th anniversary of late President Mills

6th anniversary of late President Mills

6th anniversary of late President Mills

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