Celebs Endorse Marijuana But Fail To Discuss Its Negative Effects – Mark Okraku Mantey

President of the Creative Arts Council, Mark Okraku Mantey has urged celebrities who publicly support the use of marijuana to disclose the negative effect of the illicit drug.

According to him, he cannot fathom why those championing the legalisation of marijuana also known as ‘weed’ only preach about the positive effects and not the negative.

Okraku Mantey made the remarks in an interview with Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, Tuesday.

“Weed has become a norm for the youth, whether we like it or not…our musicians have propagated it [use] openly. These celebs are role models to our children and they will pick up these things. They can’t decode or decipher things rightly. Children can easily copy their lifestyle and celebs are not ready to talk about it…” he said.

Mark further advised players in the entertainment industry to stop leading lifestyles that can destroy their careers.

“I never did cigarette or herb. I think with those in that space, it’s more of community, bonding, click and it’s a fraternity. Let’s not discard that marijuana doesn’t have a bad side…” Mark said.


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