BA: Speak The Language That Unite The Country-Catholic Bishop

The Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Sunyani, Most Rev. Mathew Kwasi Gyamfi is calling on stakeholders and the public to speak the language that are aimed at uniting the country.

“No matter the tribe, culture profession it will only take unity to push towards the development of the country and when it does do not exclude  any one, involve each and everyone as the love and gift of the holy spirit is for all,” he stated.

He said the countless disputes among families, political parties and other institutions in the country will not actualize the gift of peace bestowed onto the country by the Holy Spirit. He called on Ghanaians to cultivate the habit of forgiveness.

Most Rev. Mathew Kwasi Gyamfi made this known when delivered a sermon at the Holy Spirit Cathedral in Sunyani when the President of the republic Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo paid a visit to the church on Sunday (May 20,18).

The visit coincides with the celebration of the churches 20years anniversary celebration.

The Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Sunyani further called on Ghanaians to see the profession they find themselves in as a gift from the Holy Spirit thus calling on them to use it wisely.

“Where do you find yourself now, “is it teaching or nursing”, a driver or what”, do not go on unnecessary strike” teach well and take care of the patients entrusted into your care,” he opined.

Most Rev. Mathew Kwasi Gyamfi further called on the president to do more to make things better in the country although things are currently good.

Touching on elections, the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Sunyani noted that, elections should be seen as a period to renew the country.


The Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Sunyani, Most Rev. Mathew Kwasi Gyamfi noted that, the president alone cannot fight corruption in the country thus calling for public support to curb it.


Most Rev Kwasi Gyamfi called on the public to play their role in the protection of the security in the country by reforming their lives.

He explained that maintaining and developing upon the security of the country is a shared responsibility.

By: Salomey Akosua Agyapong/Ghana/107.1 Ark Fm


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