Mahama Outdoors NDC Hawks

The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has outdoored a new vigilante group.

Known as The Hawks, the group – made up of stoutly-built men – was officially inaugurated in Kumasi on Saturday by former President John Dramani Mahama.

The outdooring ceremony formed part of the NDC’s so-called ‘Unity Walk.’

Members wore all black attire with the inscription, ‘The Hawks’ on their chest and at their backs.

They provided security for top party members who took part in the walk, such as ex-President Mahama, Johnson Asiedu Nketiah, Julius Debrah, among others.

From the look on his face, Mr. Mahama felt very comfortable being protected by the vigilante group, as he moved about on some principal streets of Kumasi.

Even though armed policemen were also present at the function, The Hawks were clearly in control of security during the ‘Unity Walk.’

Sources in the party alleged that the group had been formed to face the NPP’s Delta Force.

The sources stated that the NDC did not form the group with the motive of causing trouble or disturbing the peace being enjoyed in the country.

The NDC insiders said that members of The Hawks would, in the coming days, be seen at NDC programmes dressed in black attire to provide security.

NDC History

The NDC, it would be recalled, has the record of being the first political party to introduce vigilantism into Ghana’s politics.

The party started its vigilante group operations with the formation of the Azorka Boys at Tamale, who were led by Sofo Azorka.

The Azorka Boys, in those days, were used by the NDC to violently attack their political opponents, and on a few occasions, some NDC members.

The Azorka Boys, now almost defunct, are remembered for physically attacking prominent people like Obed Asamoah and other NDC key figures.

Their leader, Sofo Azorka, even rose to become the NDC Northern regional chairman.

Political pundits in Kumasi wonder what Mr Mahama wants to achieve with the rapid formation of The Hawks.

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