My Advice Is Not For Free – Tic

Tic Tac now known as Tic says he longer offers his experience and advice to young musicians free of charge.

According to him, experience over the years has taught him that young musicians value advice when they pay for it.

“Underground artistes do not like me because I ask them to pay for consulting. It’s nice to guide underground artistes but it’s right to make it a business so they can take my guidance serious. I’m a businessman so if you need my advice you pay for it,” he told Giovani Caleb AND Berla Mundi on the Starr Drive Thursday.

Tic also revealed public response to his name change has been encouraging.

“The response has been fantastic, girls call me bra tic already and guys call me Tic and so it’s about living the name. It’s not really a rebranding because already many people call me Tic so I’m just living it”.

The ‘Pene mame’ however stressed he will no longer allow his fans to determine the direction of his songs.

“My craft is about what I feel and not what the fans are telling me. In the end it’s about me. The fan is supposed to learn from me not the other way round. So these days I will do what I feel from within”.

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