Tonto Dikeh talks about new life in Christ on social media

Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh recently channeled her inner pastor when she resulted to preaching the gospel on social media. Dikeh who recently underwent plastic surgery to fix some parts of her body lectured her fans on believing in Christ and being born again.

The mother of one advised her fans to believe they are a new creature when they turn to Christ Many fans are starting to believe that their favourite actress, Tonto Dikeh, deserves a Grammy for her different personalities.

The brilliant actress and mother of one recently shocked her fans when she revealed she was under-going plastic surgery to fix some parts of her body she was ashamed of.

Prior to the surgery news, Tonto had made headlines countless of times following the brouhaha that kept escalating from her failed marriage to philanthropist, Now a preacher, it appears her body is not the only thing getting changed as her new preaching on believing in Christ and being born again align with a believer trusting that they are a new creation in Christ.

Seemingly, Dikeh who channeled her inner pastor wrote a long epistle on her social media page, preaching on dropping one’s old ways and turning a new leaf as well as believing they are a new creature with old things passed away.

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