A private legal practitioner, Paul Kumi has stated that the office of the special prosecutor will be autonomous despite his appointment by the government. According to him, the work of the special prosecutor has been molded in such a way that it won’t be under the command of the president just as the Electoral Commissioner and the Chief Justice.

He said this in an interview with Kwabena Obeng Akrofi on Ark in the Morning when commenting on the work of the Special Prosecutor which is set to roll out soon in the country. Lawyer Kumi stressed that though some people are of the view that the prosecutor will be influenced by the government which set the office but to him, it will not happen.


He added that, whether Ghanaians like it or not, the political affiliation of the special prosecutor will be seen but was quick to add that it depends on the person to put aside his party colors and work with much confidence.


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