Berekum West NDC Parliamentary Candidate condemn bussing of people to registration centers

The Parliamentary Candidate for National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Berekum West in the Brong Ahafo region, Mr. Dickson Kyere-Duah popularly known as Kwabena Kyere 'Stugard' has condemn the act of bussing people to register in constituencies they don’t belong to with the aim of winning elections.

He disclosed that the registration exercise held at constituency was very peaceful and recorded minor challenges.

“We recorded few challenges…but we are able to overcome them. The merge of polling stations to form electoral areas caused a lot of challenges. Some people were challenged in the process because they were not known at communities where the process was taking off. Meanwhile these people have walked for about 10 kilometers.

“Communities like Nsapor, Nanasuano, Benkasa and Amomaso were combined to form one electoral area of which the process was taking place at the Benkasa. It’s quite unfortunate if somebody from Amomaso will be challenged because he/she is not a resident of Benkasa,” Mr. Kwabena Kyere said in an interview with Ark News. 

According to him publicity on the registration exercise was low.

“Publicity to draw attention of people living in a community where the registration exercise was not taking place was…and we took it upon ourselves to announce through information centers.”

He advised politicians to campaign on issues—and also desist from tagging people to be from the rival political party whenever a registration exercise is held.

“I see anybody who is trying to register as a potential voter for me. It’s all about telling people what you want to do and deliver. Even people who are deemed to be supporters of the NPP can for vote for you. If you do something that will change the destiny of person then surely they will vote. You’re making mistake if you bus someone to register and fail to work,” he stated.

According to him, Ghanaians always vote for persons who has good intentions and are ready to develop their community and their livelihood therefore politicians should work towards that and desist from preaching violence instead of peace.


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