Ark Fm Becomes Sunyani’s Best Radio Station, According To A Survey

A latest survey conducted by Royal Professional School of Journalism (RPSJ), has placed Ark Fm as the best and most listened radio station in Sunyani, capital of the Brong Ahafo Region.


Ark Fm accumulated hundred (100) votes out of the 724 votes cast from residents who were asked to fill questionnaires given out to them by the surveyors.

The survey which placed Ark Fm at the top spot among other eleven (11) radio stations in Sunyani, is the first survey conducted by Royal Professional School of Journalism (RPSJ).

“Four people voted for none of the station and seventy-six questionnaires were spoilt. Therefore 720 people voted that, B/A is ready for a TV station.

“The one month survey cut across the length and breadth of Sunyani where questionnaires were given out to the classification of people to tick to express their views about the question asked,” Mr. Owusu Tawiah Bibini, a tutor at Royal Professional School of Journalism disclosed.


After the systematic gathering of information from the public, below are the scores of each radio station in Sunyani. According to their position:


1st. Ark fm 100 votes out of 724 votes cast.

2nd. Dinpa fm 80 out of 724

3rd. Suncity fm 76 out of 724

4th. Moonlite fm 74 out of 724

5th. Sky fm 68 out of 724

6th. Abapa fm 60 out of 724

7th. Jlife fm 56 out of 724

7th. Storm fm 56 out of 724

9th. Space fm 55 out of 724

10th. B.A.R 45 out of 724

11th. Metro fm 28 out of 724

12th. Greena fm 22 out of 724

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